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Behind the fence

June 6, 2010

As you can see in the before and after pictures previously posted, several trees were removed for sun exposure (and because I was tired of the junk trees that had crept into and over my yard over the last 20 years). I hired most of the tree work out but did the rest myself, including pulling the privet hedge manually, one nasty tap root at a time. Welded wire and barbed wire fencing had become one with the privet so it was slow going at best.
In place of the wire/privet barrier, I erected the dandy new looking wooden fence in 3 sectional projects, each approximately 60 feet in length.
Details of this project from hell will follow one day; the point of this is to provide some framework for the lay of the land “behind cohutt’s fence”.

The picture is my best effort at this using Visio.

The house is just to the left of the layout; the fence runs along the bottom and right borders.

“Lizzie’s” is the old servants quarters outbuilding that I modernized to serve as a teenagers’ isolation cell. The bushes across the middle are the remnants of an old English boxwood garden with an inverted bell birdbath in the center. Everything that looks like a box is a raised bed of some sort, all installed since may of 2009 and each filled with “Mel’s Mix”.
Hopefully this provides a reasonable frame of reference for anyone remotely curious about any of the forthcoming posts.

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