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Dead borers, live plants :)

July 3, 2010

I posted about the horrid squash vine borer discovery and emergency field surgery here then provided a cautiously optimistic 48 hour status here.

Two weeks later I’m happy to report that by all appearances, 2 of the 3 plants made it.

Compare the yellow squash plant’s condition this evening to 12 days ago:


12 days ago:

Actually I can’t really believe it – from everything I have read, if the plant is wilting badly by the time the borers are discover the chances of saving it are pretty slim. To make it even more unlikely, it has been blistering hot here for 3 weeks.
The fix was emergency field surgery- I sliced the vines completely open lengthwise a good 4 inches or more, physically removed the grubs then covered the whole stem with a shovel full of compost.

Both plants are back in the blossoming/fruiting cycle and these two little yellow squash are on the plant that looked to be “flat lining” 12 days ago:

Who knew. 😉

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