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Morning peace in the garden

July 13, 2010

Over the years, I’ve read a multitude of posts and articles about the inner peace or zen or good karma that is the result of garden activities.

So why not me?

This morning just after dawn I was in my usual spot, wandering the garden with my second mug of coffee, taking time to observe and inspect things at a much slower pace than occurs in the evening activity rush. The birds were out singing their morning songs; the smell of damp earth was about again for the first time in weeks. I took on one of my usual morning tasks of tying the tomato plants on stakes (most were in cages this year but a bamboo staking system supported the rest).

Peaceful. Zen. No rush. Birds. Sunrise. No people. Zen squared.




9:00 appointment. Oh crap. I’m running behind.

Good bye zen, hello reality.

Notes to self:

Buy more concrete wire and suffer through a winter afternoon of heavy duty cage making. It will be worth it.

Collect Amish Deer Tongue lettuce seeds that are ready.

Follow up this morning with client I missed yesterday twice afternoon.

Be sure to up workstation in empty office for the interviewee coming in to take an aptitude test at 9:00.

Send retirement reception announcement to everyone office (not me, one of the employees). Call confirm reservation of space for reception……

There is always tomorrow morning.

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