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Thanks for the rain, next time can I pass on the wind?

July 14, 2010

We got a another short but intense sideways rain yesterday afternoon.

One of my Brandywine plants weebled on me a little. It is tied to a bamboo pole wired to a 3″ channel post. The plant had gotten out of balance in that the majority of the growth and substantially all of the jillion tomatoes on the vine were on the back side of the pole.

Introduce significant moisture in the last couple of days after weeks of parching in the sun and the fruits become flush in a hurry, if fact several of them have split down the side with the sudden engorgement of water they received.

I glad I decided to talk a walk around the whole yard to see if anything needed attention; when I got to the side of the bed I see this nice angle:

With the gourd tower near topple experience, I discovered that if allowed duct tape or paracord, most problems can be fixed. Of course the cordage is OD green and nearly invisible against the background but I can assure you it is there; check to “after” angle of the stake:

Granted, I still have to re-tying to do but by the time this post goes up I should be out there with my morning coffee and a roll of flexible tying tape.


The gourd tower guy line is barely visible here- note I tied a piece of dirty yellowish twine to it to try and prove it is there. Can you see it?

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  1. brother-out-law permalink
    July 14, 2010 11:55 am

    I’m sure you can pass the wind with the best of them.
    I can see the yellow twine!

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