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Rocks in my head?

August 22, 2010

(The knots in my back seem to be in proportion to the rocks in my head. Why I start some things I’ll never know.)

In recent day’s I’ve concentrated on cleaning up the garden and getting ready for fall. I have managed to set some spinach and peas planted and a few brussel sprout seedlings sprouted on the back porch. I’m waiting for a soil cube device to arrive to start more fall plants- it is an interesting little device and concept and I promise to post about it in excruciating detail should it ever arrive.

I’m beginning to think some more about the old boxwood garden and how I will rearrange the old plants this winter. I will be happy to let anyone help who wants experience in moving large root balls a few feet the old-fashioned way.

Earlier in the summer I started poking around under the dirt and discovered that the part of the shale walking path stones I could see was “the tip of the iceberg”. I sort of slipped into a trance and uncovered a dozen or so of them before I considered what I was doing- the picture below shows the damage I managed to do before I caught myself.

So today I was surveying the layout and just wasn’t getting any visions so I decided I had to bring some order to the stones and started lifting, dragging, pirouetting and flipping these heavy bastiges around until I had them somewhat organized in a clustered ring around the bell:

Is this where they will stay? Nope. However, this has cleaned up the obstacle course my earlier probing left behind and it has given me an idea I can develop a little.

I did cull 3 exceptionally large flat ones and move then to the transition area where the lawn ends and the path between one of my beds and the fence shed begins. I can tell you, I respect the rock moving abilities of both the Druids and the slaves of ancient Egypt a lot more this evening.

Anyway, this is where they lay now for visual absorption during future garden rest breaks:

I promise you, these are some large ones:

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  1. Notablogger permalink
    August 25, 2010 11:20 am

    I’ve got another friend that’s a back yard farmer. Check out Tucker’s blog at

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