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September is pepper time

September 25, 2010

We’ve enjoyed a steady supply of peppers for the last 3 months; a lot of bells, jalapeno & pimentos with a few poblanos as well.

But here in late September all the plants are covered up with peppers and continue to flower and set new fruit. I’d heard that it would take all season for them to really crank up and mine are following the script.

Pimentos, jalapenos, poblanos

A branch on the jalapeno plant staked to support a dozen green meanies

I had to do more staking to avoid another gravity induced dismemberment on the big Napoleon Bell pepper plant. This one plant is bigger than the other 2 combined.

With the possibility of rain in the next 24 hours I figured it best to tie up the two top branches, but of course the peppers turn almost invisible in the picture.

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