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Progress as measured in geological time

February 28, 2011

Between the demands of my chosen daytime career and adjusting to being uprooted from my “living quarters” by the renovation demolition, I won’t be posting evidence of any quantum leaps of progress today or this week.

While I can claim some progress in the my rush to beat spring, it is as wide and deep as a parking lot puddle. This really doesn’t translate into captivating blog posting; I feel like it is being tracked in geological time and need to complete some of the multiple sub-projects underway before offering any evidence up here.

You may have noticed the that header picture has changed; gourds are in fact transforming into birdhouses as planned (although I am afraid I’m running behind schedule). More on this later……

This past weekend we did manage to enjoy two substantial vegi-meals from the remnants of the winter garden; a gratuitous food sacrifice picture follows (cabbage, brocolli, chinese kale, brussel sprouts and chard).

More to follow once I can come up for air…

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