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April 19, 2011

We had a function to attend for most of Saturday after the storms so I really didn’t get to inspect things closely until Sunday.

All in all, the garden came through pretty well. The short burst of small hail that preceded the strongest winds damaged some of the greens. While it looks like all will survive there are a lot of perforations in the leaves that took direct hits; there was no downside as these leaves all contributed to yet another a large dinner salad Sunday evening. The wind and/or hail snapped off a handful of asparagus stems a couple feet up as well; the affected ones were all near an edge of the bed.

Sunday was labor intensive in preparation for warm season plantings to go in this week. I still had plenty of storm debris to gather and stack in a back corner (for chipping into mulch/compost material when I have time). Additionally, the warmer days have been a constant reminder that bare ground brings weeds so newspaper/cardboard + chips/mulch were “installed” in more areas amongst the boxwoods & the new beds. Finally, the many rocks I uncovered in the boxwood project were gathered one at a time and stacked neatly for a future project.

While there are a dozen or so large ones yet to be gathered, I present the newly created rock piles:

Late in the afternoon when thoroughly worn out from the rock project, I wandered around with the camera as I wound down for the day:

New Zealand Spinach volunteers transplanted from another bed:

Baby blueberries on the stem:

Miniature Pak Choi (“joi choi”) developing nicely:

St Valery carrots that really really needed some thinning (and the photographer really really needed a snack):

And finally, some honeybees were diligently extracting pollen from the tiny asparagus blooms. It was difficult to get any sort of focus in the pictures due to the dispersed background of the asparagus; this one was the best of the bunch. Note the bright orange bundles of pollen on the bee’s back legs as he’s hanging upside down:

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