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Is it summer or spring?

May 12, 2011

Three days at 90 degrees are probably going to end spring for me sooner rather than later.

For me spring ends when all the winter / cool weather plantings are gone or going to seed. Summer begins when the tomatoes are in and starting to lean on their cages a bit.

Right now the garden is in both and it isn’t really the nicest looking phase of the year.

I’m still harvesting sugar snap peas although I’ve run out of trellis:

From the other side you catch the split personality (the middle bed) – tomatoes coming up behind the peas, spinach going to seed, lettuce popping out from under the cages at the end of the bed.

The potato boxes are filled with healthy plants growing an inch a day, even showing a bud or two:

The weedy looking stuff hanging out of the bed in front of them is last fall’s arugula, with pods getting close to time for seed harvest:

Out of the same bed are a couple of toppled over french breakfast radishes also plump with seeds:

Behind the radishes, the chard that didn’t get eaten over the inter or spring is no worse for the wear, but it is surrounded by the seed stalks of spinach seeding out.

The joi choi is amazingly showing no sign of going to seed and the romaine in front is looking healthy

You can see the tip of the elephant garlic scape in the picture above, from the other side you get the full view (I decided to let one of them flower just to see what it looked like).

I’m also finding more tomato volunteers all over the place; the tommy toe avalanche last year pretty much insures I’ll be weeding them all summer.

The rainbow chard up in the front beds is finally beginning to show its colors, or at least when the evening sun is hitting it:

That’s all……

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  1. Clay permalink
    May 13, 2011 12:25 pm

    Do the french really eat breakfast radishes? That is nasty.

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