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June 15, 2011

In case the purpose of the previously posted equipment has escaped you, I have an irrigation well/ geothermal HVAC scheme hatching behind the fence these days…

It is early, as the “spudder” or cable rig boring the 6″ hole is slow (but small enough to get into the yard without too much disruption.)

That would be 6″ wide, not deep. 😉

He’s somewhere between 50 and 55 feet deep now and has been banging though shale for the last 15-20 feet or so- a good thing. Everything above the shale was the stickiest, finest Georgia clay I have seen in some time.

It has to go somewhere- my initial retention slough was pretty much full yesterday evening so I had to get creative to contain the future spillover. By this evening I’ll know how well I did – ha.

The slough yesterday, about 1 ft deep in most places:

The now two-tone wellies after my late evening expansion of the slough:

More to follow, disaster or not….

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