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Giant polytunnel kite?

November 3, 2011

Maybe not.

I suppose I’ll know for sure by tomorrow night.

The wind jumped up after the rain came through tonight and was coming uncomfortably close to lifting the northern end rib off of the re-bar anchor.  I snugged it back down and a gust immediately pushed it further up and started to lift the next one as well.

I staked the end rib to the ground with paracord to buy some time so I could screw the rough cut foundation frame together (rather hastily). I managed to anchor every other rib to the frame and the whole structure seemed to hold together better; hopefully this gets it through the next windy 36 hours in one piece.

I didn’t frame in and seal the back Tuesday evening because I was concerned that I would create a parachute that would rip from the ground in wind. I figured the open-on-both-ends tunnel was a better option; I have no doubt it is better after seeing it tonight, but when the air gets under it it looks like the whole thing is going to take off.

I won’t be happy if my new hoophouse is in the next county when the sun comes up tomorrow, but I will have learned my lesson and can recover this weekend. (“They” say that life’s most well remembered lessons are retained from those events that end in abysmal and utter failure.  Maybe so, but I’ll most certainly kick “they’s” arses tomorrow if any are dumb enough to bring it to my attention. 😉 )

No pictures tonight; more garlic is in the ground but that isn’t something you can really post about two nights in a row is it?

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