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Life after tomatoes follow up 1

January 5, 2012

Today it was sunny and in the upper 40s / lower 50s again; 30 hours after the frozen shots in the previous post, things are mostly recovering

The arugula ice sculpture has thawed and it appears to have come out ok, with the exception of the buds that were beginning to form. It has a ways to go but I expect the milder wet weather coming in tomorrow will be therapeutic.

The greens are mostly on their way back to normal other than some of the larger floppier mustard greens. These sometimes looked like this before the freeze so I’m not sure they are actually done in. (If you look carefully you can spot the thornless blackberry canes that will ultimately own this bed)

Kale- no problem (The arugula is still suffering a little though…)

Spinach seems to be doing fine other than needing some weed relief

(same bed as yesterday just taken from the other side oops)

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