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March Heat

March 17, 2012

If it can be almost 100 for several days in late September than I don’t know why I should be surprised that it will be in the 80s through next Wednesday. This will be a full week with highs between 81 and 85, a full 20 degrees above the historical mean high temperatures for this week of 63/64.

Even with the door and window open and a fan forcing some air though the hoop house, the temperature inside was approaching 100 degrees an hour after the sun broke through the clouds this afternoon. This is not particularly good for things like spinach, lettuce, kale and brussel sprouts.

With the generally accepted “last frost date” for my area still almost 4 weeks off I don’t want to take down the hoop house yet but another 4 days of this would cook things off beyond recovery.

I decided remove the clips securing the plastic on both ends and open things up some more. This helped a good bit, but I sure wish I had ordered the shade cloth I was considering a few months ago.

This looks really good, doesn’t it? 😦

The consolation is that my tomato seedlings should get a real boost from the 5 days out in the hoop house.
Tomorrow: A quick trip to the mountain property to raid the bogs.

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