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Bounty of the Bog Raid

March 21, 2012

The modest bounty from the bog raid is presented here, with the exception of a couple of items whose photographs I managed to botch. All of these were cut from the bog with a straight spade and were at least 12″ square and 6″ deep. The moss has been further trimmed as needed to fill in the cracks.

A sample rhizome of what hopefully will soon be a stand of large fiddleheads on the way to becoming clump of monstrous ferns. (The two lighter objects that in the center of the dead stem cluster are the first fiddlehead buds. )

This is the same type of fern as these large ones, shown during early July in 2009 @ the edge of the same bog area (believe me now?):

A smaller more delicate type of fern rolling up (I’m not sure if the green stemmed specimens in the front are the same variety or not; they may well be the same as the all green fern a couple of pictures down the page):

Pardon the alignment of this second picture of the same:

A second type of small fern; note the entire body is green vs the red stems of the previous one. Look carefully to spot the micro fiddlehead in the picture.

And a close up of one of the types of moss that has been divided and placed in between (this was actually adjacent to the bog in a sunnier area near the creek):

The other couple of interesting items, well, the picture “she ees no good”. I try again tomorrow.

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