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The Hidden Corner Stuff

April 29, 2012

This is the invisible corner, cut off from view from the sun room.

This area definitely ranked low in priority in the rush to change everything in the yard (completely).

After some winter construction work (and the fall demolition work posted here) things are slowly coming around.

First, the raspberry bed and trellis finally look like something other than a rural Uzbekistan clothes line now that some canes are growing.

Second, the Little-Shop-of-Horrors artichoke plant is beginning to take off (in spite of the slug invasion a few weeks ago that “aerated” the leaves a bit.)

And finally the large and getting larger Rosemary plant I transplanted from the nearby bed is settling into the typical “rosemary sprawl” shape since the temporary support stakes and rope have been removed.

Hidden from view is the ginormous 2 year old chard plant that I transplanted to the tip of the artichoke bed. It is severely wilted and will need a few days of recovery before it is ready for prime time.

That’s all for today. I still have a large widow-maker half of a tree hanging over the back corner of the yard. (Monday maybe now….. )

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