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Dumetella carolinensis – Gray Catbird

May 13, 2012

Gray Catbirds are in the thrasher family and look like a smaller darker (no white) version of their cousin the “northern mockingbird”. While bored mockingbirds can be rather noisy and mischievous (translated: annoying as hell), the catbirds provide plenty of music while generally staying out of trouble.

I believe the same pair that was here last year has returned to nest in the backyard thickets adjoining me. During nesting season they primarily eat insects (from the ground) but I have noticed that on occasion they will also steal a berry or two and nip a tomato.

It seems like one or both of this pair will take a dip in the pond every evening. At first they were wary and would bolt if I came within direct view regardless of how far away I was; eventually they relaxed and have become comfortable with me in “their” garden.

The link below is to a short slideshow of one of my pair on the “bathing rock” in the well covered corner of the frog pond.

More on catbirds here:

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  1. May 13, 2012 1:39 pm

    VERY cute! I love birds.

    • May 13, 2012 1:43 pm

      These guys are my buddies now- they have become very comfortable with me and will patiently wait 15 feet away on a fence or tomato cage while I’m moving about.

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