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A little bit of little hail still leaves a mark

July 9, 2012

A brief hailstorm hit us during a recent (welcome) deluge.

It wasn’t particularly long, was only “average” intensity and the size of the stones appeared to be the size of mothballs at the most…..

I didn’t think about it again until I noticed all the broad horizontal leafed plants in the garden like squash, sweet potatoes and chard now share a common trait.

They all look like they were shot with buckshot:

A few of the chard stems were broken but otherwise the plants don’t seem to be suffering from it.

In hindsight I don’t know why this would have surprised me, but it did.

If we were to have another storm like the one a few years back (the one that caused about half of the asphalt shingle roofs in the county to be replaced) I doubt anything in the garden would be left standing.

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