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Nov 25

November 27, 2012

The first “hard” freeze of the fall occurred this morning @ 24 degrees.

I took a minute to survey the garden in a “hardiness verification” survey. (The bright morning sun came in at an angle that washed out the pictures somewhat- sorry.)

Not hardy (nor expected to be) were the last remnants of Basil – amazing how fast it withers:

No surprise as the rutabaga and “baby arugula” patch shrugged it off :

The parsley goes somewhat limp but always perks up later in the day as things warm up:

Dill was resilient:

The biggest surprise was the extent to which the fava beans were damaged. I had expected these to be able to take anything down to 20 or so, but it sure looks like they are hurting…
The leaves and flowers seemed fine but several of the stems crimped and collapsed. Later in the day, they looked a little better but were still mostly buckled. I guess I’ll know just how hardy these are (or aren’t) soon enough.

(I wrote this on the 25th, Sunday evening, then forgot to submit it. Duh.)

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