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New & Improved (?) Green Garlic Scheme

February 10, 2013

Last year I planned a separate “green garlic” bed using a couple hundred of the leftover runt cloves after my main garlic planting. (Check out the half dozen “Green Garlic” Posts from last year if you aren’t familiar.)

This year I intended on doing the same, but then ended up short on time and decided not to go through the tedium of dividing the runt garlic head into individual runt cloves… Instead I just planted the smaller heads whole.

I figure when the bulbing starts (right about the time it should be harvested) separating them will be easy enough.

Or not.

🙂 Like many other things that are tried back here, we will just have to see….

Anyway, the three plantings are all coming along fine- One was done in November, another in December and then a couple just last month.

Last month’s are just now coming up in the foreground, with the others behind:

It sort of resembles fresh mondo grass plantings:

A closer view shows that most cloves sprouted for each head planted, so maybe this is going to work.

Stay tuned.

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