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April 24, 2013

This past weekend I managed to get first actual repairs underway (vs just general removal and cleanup).

First, I reconstructed the blackberry trellis in an improved form; the single poles didn’t allow enough tension in the wires and a guy wire on either end would be a trip-me-trap for anyone walking through the chaos maze. The double poles with the braces between will do a much better job.

 photo 20130421013.jpg

From another angle, this time without a wall of tomato cages in front:

 photo 20130421010.jpg

In the back you can barely see the new post that now supports a cross brace for the tallest part of the back fence (the collapsible green yard waste tote is at the base). I discovered the power line snagged the fence near the other corner and the force snapped a post at ground level before it slid over and took out the bat house and trellis. It is also in line with the other two posts of the same design, so now I can stretch a heavy wire 6-7′ off the ground for 40 feet, offset 4 feet from the back fence. This can support all sorts of things (yet to be decided) and creates vertical growing space. Kiwi? Grapes? More gourds? who knows…

The other back corner gained much more sun (full now) last summer after the Hackberry trees just off the property split and were eventually removed. It gave me room for more beds, perhaps another 200 SF, but I didn’t build any new beds over the winter. Now that the oak that was next to the Hackberries has to come down (it had the roofing wrapped around it and split), I have even more sun space/alternatives available. So what the heck, two new beds (8×4 and 6×4 ft) are in; one is in process to the left of the blackberry trellis.

The whole back shed is “womped” for lack of a better description and it going to take some thought and work to be able to repair without a complete tear-down/rebuild. See what I mean?

 photo 20130421009.jpg

It is still a mess back there but a tiny bit of progress is beginning to show….

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  1. April 25, 2013 6:17 am

    I’ve been following your adventures for a while now. Sorry to hear about the storm and glad to see you are making some progress at the repairs and preparations for spring.

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