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Gourd Vines vs Drought

September 15, 2010

In this match up the smart money bets on “drought”.

The last time I provided a gourd update (in the uncleverly titled gourd post of August 23rd), it appeared that the withering vines were making a come back.

Perhaps they were; the late summer thunderstorms had been moderately generous to them up until then but the last measurable rainfall I’ve seen was back on August 27th. I’ve watered a little since then but the heat and dry conditions have taken their toll.

The vines on the tower base were quite lush back on the 23rd; not so anymore.

As you can see, the “green is gone” in the background of the picture. The beds in the front were mostly the caged tomato ; now they are planted for fall with cole crops and spinach seeds (under the landscape fabric.)

And the corner of the tower base in the right side:

Likewise the late vine that had neatly covered the junk wire fencing (stashed next to the back gate for a trip to the scrap yard) had retreated. The gourds that had been growing under the leaves now appear to have been left high and dry when flood waters receded.

The season is coming to a close and I think we have all the gourds I am going to have this year. I think I’m going to leave most of them on the vine to dry; in a couple more weeks I should be able to easily see the whole inventory and will provide a report.

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  1. Gene Turchin permalink
    October 4, 2010 2:01 am

    Hello, can you tell me what make the mold for your .44 mag tc 325 grain bullets? I’d like a heavy bullet and didn’t want to bother with gas checks. thanks, Gene

    • October 4, 2010 6:13 am

      NEI Handtools makes heavy non checked molds for 44. You must have seen them on one of the reloading or casting forums?

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