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Where the h*ll is fall anyway?

September 19, 2010

Whine mode /ON

The weather forecast for the coming week is more of the same –

1. dry
2. dry
3. hot
4. more dry

It has been almost a month since it has rained here and even the crabgrass is dying.

Whine mode /OFF

The real subject of this post:

Over the past few days I’ve continued with the transition to the fall/winter garden even though it still feels like July here.

The last of the Henderson bush limas are pulled; these are a “baby lima” that put out three flushes of beans this summer. Each harvest was a little less than the previous, but since I didn’t need the space I just left them in the ground and they produced.

This little patch is picked & pulled with the ground ready for winter greens (it was the only thing I grew this year that wasn’t in a raised bed. It is over where a compost pile had been before the nuke hit the back 40). Yes, those are dried pods I missed along the way due to generally slack picking detail. Maybe I should teach Mrs cohutt how to pick beans next year, although I’d hate her to give up shelling duties.

As long as I’m on the topic of beans:

The “King of the Garden” and Christmas” “pole” limas put out a flush of blooms a few weeks ago when the nights started cooling off some again. The pods are now coming in and I harvested a few tonight; the August heat stifled production for the most part and I was beginning to wonder if they’d bounce back.

The bamboo trellis that I put up for these beans last spring is pretty well covered now (to say the least.) That’s it beyond the asparagus; this is the view of the end and you can’t really see the depth (8′) of the thing. Picture it as having a “W” on each end with trellis netting stretched between them.

That’s about all for now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post about the gourd army assembling on Lizzie’s porch or the fantastically successful carrot germination experiment.

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