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Green greens

September 21, 2011

Cool evenings
Healthy lettuce/spinach/kale/bok choi/chard

Last year I wasted a lot of grow time in September by not consistently watering the young plants in the beds. This year I admit that the well is still like a new toy and I have been finding things to water every day just to use it.

And it shows.

Everything but the spinach has hit the stage where the growth seems exponential. I’m not worried about the spinach though, as my experience is it will grow slowly but steadily all winter with just a modest amount of cover (and we still have spinach in the freezer from last spring)

Bed 1:

Bok choi “joy choi”

Swiss chard “Fordhook Giant”


Bed 2, brussel sprouts in front, sugar snap peas on the right, kale and spinach sprouting in the middle, broccoli in the rear (and a “take it all the way to frost” brandywine tomato plant in the far back, still putting out good tomatoes)

Kale, getting big enough to start the insane curling pattern the leaves will have when mature.

And a troublemaker, trying hard not to be noticed after doing a roll in dry grass clippings while soaking wet:

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