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Stuff o’ the Week

April 15, 2012

Earlier in the week I started disassembling the hoop house in earnest. (Of course, this was just in time to for a freeze warning to be issued shortly after the warmest March ever recorded here.)

The take down in progress (and remains in progress) adjacent to the new amphibian pond:

So to the inside marched the (mostly) tomato starts, after over a month of comfortably growing inside the poly tunnel.

The odd perennial flower mix that has taken hold adjacent to the patio has grown stronger again this year, another pleasant surprise to emerge from the neglect of certain areas of the yard:

And speaking of neglect, a nice volunteer of oak leaf type lettuce (“Bronze Arrowhead” originally purchased through Seed Savers Exchange) was growing between the poly and one of the bed’s side boards; it is a little floppy but seems to be on great shape:

Last weekend I did a 24 hr turnaround to the mountains, mainly to check out and de-winterize the cabin plumbing, and to mow a little and maybe wander in the woods a bit. I have no pictures of plumbing or mowing, but I did bring a few back of my woods wondering.

Down on the creek, a modest game trail has developed and decent tracks were left behind for identification. My amateur analysis suggests they are from deer and not from hogs as I originally suspected. The triangular shape of most along with the pointed hooves (and the points being oriented towards the inside) is typical of whitetail deer. However, the few prints where the hooves are spread out a bit could be hogs, although these are probably spread from the deer launching off of its rear hooves to jump up the steep creek bank on the opposite side. (Plus I saw deer on my walk haha).

I stopped and studied this interestingly decayed (pine or hemlock?) log still “on the stump” for a few minutes; this picture doesn’t do its visual interest justice.

The fiddlehead bog is alive growing wide open. A frond on this fern along the edge appears to have been stepped on by something or someone but has recovered, albeit a bit crooked in the tradition of a cheap lawn “pink flamingo”:

And the cabin from across the creek; the bog area starts just to the left of this picture and runs for a couple hundred feet downstream adjacent to the creek.

Lately I’ve been quite busy in the garden and therefore haven’t had much posting time; I’ve not taken many photos regardless.

Maybe this week I can make it up…..

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