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Instant Artichoke

April 17, 2012

Just add dirt, water and sunshine.

I previously posted about the 2011 artichoke scheme here in “Georgia Artichokes“. In summary I ordered a couple of young plants or crowns and remain hopeful that this will be the path to success.

One has been in the ground for a while in a dedicated bed up towards the raspberries and original raised bed plot of 2009.

So far so good, right? (zzzzzzzz…… yeah, right, zzzzzzz)

But wait, upon closer inspection something is going on deep in the folds of the central stalk:

A mini-choke. Cool.

I also noticed those bastard baby slugs have discovered this plant; the slug gauntlet must go up immediately.

(Mrs cohutt was pleased, my life is good for another 24 hours. 😉 )

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