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May 6, 2012

The early artichoke plant is responding to the regular watering from the drip line system; some new side shoots are budding out, a second bud has formed and the first ‘choke is fattening up. In fact, it is already as big as the single one harvested in our initial try a couple years back and that one wasn’t cut until August.

I’ve read that most artichoke plants’ first year harvest tends to be a little bitter vs subsequent years. Also, my understanding is that a single plant can provide 18-22 artichokes in a season under ideal conditions. With proper winter care (basically covering with a foot or more of mulch or straw) these should be around for a couple more years.

I purchased the crowns from Sweetheart Artichokes; her web page has plenty more information on these if you are curious. (She is “enthusiastic” in what she does for sure. )

Once again it is Sunday evening and I can barely keep my eyes opened, so this is all for now.

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