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Running In Place

May 8, 2012

I’ve had a string of “too busy” days lately (college graduations and moves, work) and haven’t been able to accomplish much worth updating here.

I was worried that I had lost the asparagus bed to crown rot but didn’t have the time to really investigate until this evening.
Based on my research I think the crowns are fine, but the warm winter (and resulting deficiency in required chilling hours to get a bumper crop) and downright hot spring have “confused” the bed and production has been sporadically scant. News archives of widely varying crops season to season in asparagus producing regions broke the code; most of the home garden reference material speaks only to the time of planting and delayed harvesting for a season or two while the plants become established.

So I guess I just assumed the harvest would be consistent year to year regardless. Duh, nothing else is consistent, so why should asparagus be?

So with this great news (and knowing that I don’t have to leave at 6:00AM again tomorrow to beat the rush hour traffic in Atlanta) I will just share some pictures and go to bed.

And some fat necked elephant garlic…

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