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Backyard Rice Paddy Update

May 31, 2012

Things seem to be going well.

The larger lower patty planted with the seedlings a few weeks back is really thriving,

Each plant has begun sending multiple stalks up and overall most are well over a foot high (that is a foot from the soil surface, which is 3-4″ below the water level which is a couple inches below the frame edge).

I seeded the upper section directly and have gotten decent germination (not apparent from the photos, sorry). Oddly, rice seeds pretty much sink right away and don’t seem to need to be water logged first. When they germinate, they start putting out both roots and the primary stalk, but they may or may not stick where they are. Some seem to float around before finding their spot; in the mean time they keep growing. At first I was anxious to secure them when they were loose but it hasn’t really made any difference.

And that’S about all. 😉

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