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Toad Abode

June 2, 2012

One thing I put in at the time I did the pond was a “hidden in plain sight” toad shelter. In fact, it blends in so well that I sort of forgot about it until the egg discovery a few days ago even though I step on it every day.

Everything I have read about “toad habitat” enhancements suggests installing shade providing/ partially enclosed structure with loose, sandy soil as a floor. The toads crawl in before dawn and bury themselves in the cool sand for a long rest until the next night’s predatory romp.

One structure I put together is comprised of a very large flat stone resting on brick pillars buried at ground level. Three sides have entrances/exits, two face open area and one is an alternate “escape” route into the ferns of the bog garden.

The “secret” Flintstones style toad abode and its northern facing entrance:

And the same @ the east entrance:

So is it being used? It didn’t dawn on me to look until the eggs appeared.

I do believe the answer is “yes”; something has been in and out and stirred around in the sand floor enough to leave some evidence in the doorway:

I realize that this is what is supposed to happen and that it what I hoped would happen, but I’m still amazed when it happens.

Now if the bats would only humor me a little and move in to their super-structure for at least a little while……

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  1. June 3, 2012 2:52 am

    Nice when one’s efforts are accepted…the Bats may take a while longer.

    • June 3, 2012 6:24 pm

      Yes, well, it isn’t like I’m going to take that monstrosity down anytime soon. 🙂

  2. June 3, 2012 8:50 pm

    Browsed through several of your posts. I really liked them all, the pictures are great and I especially liked your toad abode. Will definitely drop back by for a visit.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road

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