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2 hot, 2 humid, 2 tubs of garlic

June 27, 2011

As I type this at 10:30PM, the outside temperature has finally abated to a balmy 83. The humidity stands at a similar level and earlier in the evening I just couldn’t make myself get back out to work on the well piping and trench project when the evening temperature lingered over 90.

Wimped out.


Instead I decided to move the garlic inside for trimming and sorting. The two tubs didn’t look like much when I brought them in and I thought maybe I’d get the whole thing completed by 10:00. Riiiiiight…..

I started with the smaller bulbs and worked into the medium ones, culling the split/separating bulbs into the “eat me soon” pile and the rest into a box to be further sorted once all are done.

The tubs

The trim table

The progress (the “eat me soon” pile is the one next to the tub)

I stopped with just more than half the harvest to go. (Maybe I’m just looking to avoid a hot Tuesday evening outside.)

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