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Dirt + water =

June 27, 2011

I’ve spent most of the last week parting out the lines that were to go into the trench from hell and then steadily trying to get the installation completed. As it stands I’m @ 90% with both ends needing a little more attention.

Actually, both ends need a lot more attention as there is additional trenching to complete- the manual kind of trenching that 50-something year old financial types can practically do in their sleep. (OK, maybe in their nightmares?) Anyway, I completed the connections for the conduit and 2nd water line for the middle 85% of the trench and started covering it up.

The drawbridge to Lizzie’s and the pipe connection cart before Sunday’s rain:

In the middle of last week regular drenching thunderstorms started rolling in and the red berms of dust paralleling the trench became an immovable terracotta mix with a tar-baby consistency. I never thought pushing dirt back into a hole could be so much fun.

The first section of fill dirt is discovered to be mud:

(The heat and humidity this weekend combined to an oppressive level and the fan followed me wherever I stopped to work for more than 3 minutes. )

I stopped in the afternoon to take a break in from of the fan and found myself dozing out to this view – underneath the garlic on lizzie’s porch:

What was that? Was that thunder?


So much for finishing…. the monsoons moved in and I was done for the weekend.

I had a little time though, so from under cover I trimmed and sorted out shallots and a little garlic almost ready for storage (then gave up for the day):

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  1. Mr C. permalink
    June 27, 2011 11:15 am

    I see I barely made it out of town in time !

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